Oleviste Church and the fortress wall

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The route starts from the town Hall Square to the Church of the Holy Spirit and the building of a large merchant guild. Visit the sights of the peak street, go to the mysterious street of spirits, walk along the widest street of the old town-lai, get acquainted with the Merchant’s house and go to the highest church of our city-the Church of Oleviste. Here I will tell you the history of its Construction.

Founded in Tallinn in the 13th century, the church at the turn of the 15-16 century was supposedly the tallest building in the world, its height reached 159 meters. And this height of her playing with the church is a wicked Joke. Eight times the church was struck by lightning, which three times led to fires, inflicting the strongest destruction, and for many years the church Niguliste stood without a tower and was repaired in the 19th century.

The first mention of this church, which is built by the Gothic style, dates back to the year 1267. Nowadays its height is almost 124 meters and this tower is considered one of the symbols of Tallinn.

The name Oleviste owes to the Norwegian king Olaf II Haraldson and with it is connected the most interesting Tallinn legend about the builder Olave.

Let’s see a number of houses called “three sisters”, the only horse mill in the city, the tower “fat margarita” and estimate the size of the largest surviving sea Gate.

Then we go along the longest part of the fortress wall, visit the square of the towers and near the church of Transfiguration. we’ll finish our excursion near the monastery Gate.
If desired, we can increase the route and see other, not less beautiful and well preserved, parts of the fortress Wall.





Sightseeing: oleviste church, Indrek street, Tower square, acquaintance with towers and city self-defense
Tour Duration: 2 hours
Price: 1-3 persons/35 EUR, from 4 people-10 EUR/person

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