Legends of Old Tallinn

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Legends of Old TallinnThe route of this excursion will pass on places which till now are considered anomalous zones, the main attention will be given to ancient legends, stories and almost real stories. This entertaining walk through old Tallinn is better to spend in the evening, to enhance the impressions of creepy legends. Here I will also tell you about executions in the medieval of Tallinn. It is no longer a myth, but a terrible reality of old Times. The punishments in Tallinn were determined by the Lübeck law, in which the city lived since the 13th century. Secretary of the magistrate, Berhard Herbersil, who worked at the desk at the town hall in 1575, made the following entries in the Court book-five criminals appointed hanging, rolling, digging alive, chopping off the head and burning. Each of the executions depended on the crime committed. Rank and status of a person. In particular, the thieves were waiting for the gallows-the most shameful execution, counterfeiters were lit on a hot frying pan alive. People of noble rank were most often cut off their heads. And of course, the main figures and historical facts we will not notice. We will combine useful with Pleasant. This tour is suitable for children, because they are difficult to interest historical events, and ancient legends they will love.     Tour Duration: 2 hours Price: 1-3 persons/35 EUR, 4 persons and more-10 EUR/person * There is a possibility to reconcile different changes * Back to “excursions”