Transfer from Tallinn TV Tower

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Transfer from Tallinn TV Tower
What is the construction in Tallinn above all? Who’s The champion of the growth? It’s a TV tower! We take off to where birds fly, and from a Bird’s flight admire the City. We’ll get acquainted with the Mushroom-robots. In a small TV studio will work as a TV announcer, and on the playground near the TV tower there is something to do.

The Tallinn TV Tower is located in the green area of Pirita. When and why was it built there? Where was the first TV tower and what did it look like? How does the TV tower relate to the Olympic games, who is its closest neighbor?

Visiting the tower will take us 1 hour. During this time we will get acquainted with the history of construction of the tower, admire the famous stained glass of Estonian artist Dolores hoffman, watch a short 3d film, and take the high-speed elevator to a height of 170 meters. there, in the modern exhibition hall, the mushroom-robots will introduce us to the achievements of Estonia and we shall admire the Tallinn and its surroundings from a bird’s-eye view.

In nice weather you can go out on the open terrace, where the spirit captures the views around! also, you will be able to try yourself as a lead TV program, record and send your friends your own news Broadcast.




Technical Data:

  • Height 314 meters
  • Viewing platform Height 170 meters
  • Total weight 25 000 tons
  • The diameter of the viewing platform 38 meters
  • Foundation Depth 8.5 meters
  • Permissible deviation from the wind
  • On the observation deck 0.9 meters
  • At the top point of the antenna 1.5 meters
  • Concrete base Height 190 meters
  • Height of the steel antenna 124 meters
  • From the basement to the beginning of the metal
  • Parts there is a ladder number of steps 1050 PCs
  • Signal transmission radius 90 km

Meeting Point: near the entrance to the TV tower
Group: 10-20 People
Tour Duration: 1 hour
Price: 10 Eur/person (the Price includes a ticket to the TV Tower 7 Eur)

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