Good tales and scary legends about Tallinn

Our old-old city has accumulated so many fabulous stories, legends, mysterious Events. Where are these stories stored? Maybe in the memory of the old Toomas, or in the monastic library? We will listen to these interesting stories on our walk… Read more

Seaplane. Go to the museum

Seaplane. Go to the museum

In May 2012 in Tallinn was opened the most interesting Museum-lennusadam (summer harbor), whose exposition is called “ocean prkljuchenij”. On this excursion we will get acquainted with the unique hangars, which were built by the decree of Nicholas II in 1916 -1917, see how the real submarine is arranged,... Read more

What the old Toomas will tell. Walk through Old Tallinn.

A long time ago on the tower of the old Town Hall carries the service of the Guardian and talisman of Tallinn-iron gentleman with a large Moustache-wang toomas. He knows everything that was before and going on in the city now. He told me his stories, and I’ll tell them to you.
.. On a walk we will see old houses and churches, learn how people lived in the Middle Ages, when there was no internet and even mobile phones. How difficult it was to become a master and why it was very important to become. Have you ever noticed that there are towers and walls between the upper and lower cities. These are the frontier towers. Why were they built inside the city? Here is how many questions you can get answers, walking around the old City… Read more

Transfer from Tallinn TV Tower

What is the construction in Tallinn above all? Who’s the champion of the growth? It’s a TV tower! We take off to where birds fly, and from a bird’s flight admire the city. We’ll get acquainted with the robot mushrooms. In a small TV studio will work as a TV announcer, and on the playground near the TV tower there is something to do.

The Tallinn TV Tower is located in the green area of Pirita. When and why was it built there? Where was the first TV tower and what did it look like? How does the TV tower relate to the Olympic games, who is its closest neighbor? … Read more

Walk on the fortress wall.

How in the old days defended the city, who duty on the towers and how many towers in Tallinn? That’s what we’ll learn on our walk… Read more

Rocca al Mare. So used to live in the village

The Estonian open-air museum is called Rocca al mare, which translates from Italian as “the rock over the sea” so named its summer estate mayor Tallinn 19th century Girard de sukanton-in love with Italy Frenchman who lived in Estonia. Now in this territory you can get acquainted with the way of life of Estonian peasants. Buildings and utensils were brought here from all over Estonia to show the culture and customs of the People. how did you live in the village? How did you work and rest? What school was in the village? You can learn about it in the Estonian open air museum. We will see farms and windmills, wooden church, school and Tavern … Read more

Learn history in Estonian Historical Museum

In ancient times, the mountain of Maryamamagi was named Stritberg (on the Este. Riiumägi-“The Mountain of Discord”) in memory of what happened here in the years of the Livonian War skirmish between the townspeople and the Russian detachment. In the 19th century on the hill is located sugar factory Clemens, who worked on raw materials from Brazil, later here produced starch and alcohol industrialist Roterman, and in 1869 year there was a fire and production history on this ended.

In the 70s of the 19th century the site was acquired by St. Petersburg aristocrat Count Anatoly Orlov-Davydov, who was a relative of the female line of the famous noble family. His ancestor was Novgorod Governor Gregory Ivanovich Orlov, who had five sons.

Catherine II in gratitude for the assistance in the palace coup erected Orlov in Graphan dignity. By the middle of the 19th century there were no descendants on the male line in the genus, and that the genus was not pressed, the title was passed on the women’s line to Vladimir Petrovich Davydovu, who annexed … Read more